Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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What are people are saying about Patriot V2?

In just six short months, Patriot V2 and the Officer Portal have already been transformational to our fraternity’s operations. From transition planning to data conversion to on-site training to ongoing support, our staff and lay leadership could not be happier. Most significantly, the team at Patriot truly takes the time to understand each client’s unique needs so that their software is able to serve as an aid – rather than an obstacle – to the organization’s potential for success. With Patriot, the answer is never “no, our software can’t do that,” but rather “let’s figure out the best way to make that happen.” My only regret is not switching to Patriot sooner

Eric Farbman
Alpha Epsilon Pi


“I still can’t believe we managed to clear the decks of membership reporting. We’ve never ever been able to do that, even before the OP. Having this automated has totally made our record keeping, reporting and even the A/R in check.

Christy Adams, Membership Development Coordinator
Alpha Sigma Alpha



Patriot Software Solutions, Inc. is a privately-owned provider of web-based software for chapter-based fraternal organizations and the foundations that support them.  Patriot has primarily served the Greek fraternal market since its inception.

Patriot develops and sells the Patriot system.  The Patriot system is a browser-delivered solution that consists of Patriot Version 2 and the Officer Portal Version 1. 

Patriot Version 2 is designed to be used in the headquarters of chapter-based, fraternal organizations.  Patriot contains features and functionality that address the daily data management challenges that face these organizations.  Patriot V2 gracefully manages membership, chapter, fundraising, event management and officer data.

The Officer Portal is a web-based tool that allows officers and volunteers to manage their chapter's data more effectively.  From simple roster updates to full new member entry and online initiation processing, the OP delivers on its promise of streamlining the data exchange that goes on between an organization's central office and its chapters.

To learn more about Patriot or the Officer Portal, please contact us at 317-573-5431 or email us at admin@patriotsoftware.net to schedule a demonstration. 

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