Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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Patriot V2 Overview

The Patriot Version 2 system is the smart way to manage your organization's data.  Designed to be used be the headquarters staff of chapter-based fraternal organization, Patriot V2 compliments your organization's business model.

Unlike other membership management packages, Patriot V2 has been written to specifically address the needs of a fraternal organization, our software doesn't require complex customization. 

Patriot V2's features include:

  • General Features
    • Integrated address validation
    • Simple to use searching that doesn't require understanding complex search languages
    • Integrated batch email from any module
    • Fully browser accessible
    • Automated report scheduling with email delivery
    • Fully customizable field labels
    • Extend Patriot to suit your organization's specific needs by:
      • Adding user defined fields throughout the Patriot system
      • Setting up new drop-down lists, checkbox fields within Patriot
      • Add unlimited user defined fields anywhere in the Patriot system
    • Reports management menus let power users modify and create reports (Crystal Reports required)
  • Membership-Related Features
    • Name change history
    • Management of both undergraduate and alum chapters
    • Unlimited addresses per member
    • "Snowbird" address handling
    • Unlimited email addresses per member
    • Integrated batch email from virtually any module
    • Simple-to-use searching
    • Member communication journal to store email, documents, or any other type of electronic file
    • Professional history
    • User-defined lists
    • Demographic information
    • Batch member features for initiation and graduation
    • Member ticklers (to-do items)
    • Membership billing
  • Chapter-Related Features
    • General chapter information
    • Chapter communication journal to store email, documents or any other type of electronic file
    • Chapter calendar (integrates with OP calendar)
    • Chapter forms due (integrates with OP form module)
    • Chapter term information
      • GPA information
      • Insurance information
      • Chapter rank on campus
    • House corporation information
    • Officer maintenance (integrates with Patriot officers module and OP officer rosters)
    • Chapter ticklers (to-do items)
    • Chapter billing

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