Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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Patriot for Outlook


Patriot Software Solutions’ newest product, Patriot for Outlook, has begun beta testing.   

Patriot for Outlook offers Patriot v2 users the members vital information as emails are received through Microsoft Outlook.   This seamless plugin matches email addresses between the two applications, allowing users to view vital membership and donor information within Outlook’s reading pane.  It also provides the ability to journal incoming emails directly to Patriot from one’s inbox. 

As outgoing emails are being composed, users of Patriot for Outlook can utilize a simple search interface to find email recipients in the Patriot v2 database.   It can also reference save searches to pull up-to-the-second, complex data pulls in the Microsoft Outlook environment.

For more information on Patriot for Outlook please contact Director of Client Relations Chris Barrick at chris@patriotsoftware.net.


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